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Beyond Blame: Challenging Criminalization for HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE

HIV2020/003/0708 Presented by HIV Justice Network on behalf of HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Steering Committee #BeyondBlame2020 #HIVJustice

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Beyond Blame: Challenging Criminalization for HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE

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08 juil. 2020, 06:00 – 08:00 UTC−7


About the Event

The full recording of the Session is available:

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Brought to you by the HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Steering Committee: 

[An introduction and update to the global movement to end HIV criminalisation]

This year, the online version of Beyond Blame is a unique opportunity for both new and long-established activists to learn about and join the growing, global movement that advocates against HIV criminalisation – unjust criminal laws, policies and practices that regulate or punish people living with HIV.

The first part of this interactive web show will be hosted by HJN’s Executive Director, Edwin J Bernard, and features interviews with various members of the HIV JUSTICE WORLDWIDE Steering Committee and HJN’s Global Advisory Panel (GAP). This will provide attendees with an overview of, and update to, the many issues relating to HIV criminalisation through a variety of lenses.

The second part of the session is an interactive Q&A, hosted by PWN-USA’s Naina Khanna. Throughout the session attendees will be further engaged with polls, video clips, and a surprise guest.

By the end of the session, attendees will be equipped with a greater understanding of the importance of HIV criminalisation, knowledge of strategies used for advocacy, and a set of follow-up actions.

Session Programme and Information

This session is moderated by Edwin J Bernard (HJN) and Naina Khanna (PWN-USA); and directed by Nicholas Feustel (HJN).

  • Welcome to Beyond Blame 2020 by Edwin J Bernad (HJN)
  • "Nothing about us without us": Sean Strub (Sero)
  • Women challenging HIV criminalisation in Africa: Michaela Clayton (GAP) and Sarai Chisala-Tempelhoff (GAP) 
  • The impact of HIV criminalisation on women and people who use drugs in EECA: Alexandra 'Sasha' Volgina (GNP+) and Svitlana "Sveta' Moroz (Eurasian Women's Network on AIDS/ICW)
  • Building networks to challenge criminalisation in Mexico and across Francophone Africa: Gonzalo Aburto (Sero) and Cécile Kazatchkine (Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network)
  • HIV criminalisation and key populations: who gets prosecuted, where, and why?: Cecilia Chung (Transgender Law Center/GAP), Jules Kim (Scarlet Alliance/GAP) and Elie Ballan (M-Coalition/GAP)
  • Bringing science to justice, and justice to science: Sally Cameron (HJN) and Alexander McClelland (GAP)
  • Moderated Q&A by Naina Khanna and Paul Kidd (HJN Supervisory Board)
  • Closing Message by Edwin Cameron (GAP) [For the standalone video of the message, click here]
  • Summary and Call to Action by Edwin J Bernard (HJN)

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